Continuity book - Avery Miller Art
I am the Neanderthal. I am on the hunt. My task is to know. To find the understanding that builds progress. In each moment I find a new experience to stimulate my intelligence to new heights. My time is managed well. One must not waste moments in emptiness. But the continuum allows no emptiness anyways. There's aways something to know. Something to see. Something to feel. Something to hear. Something to taste. Something to do. These are provided for us in all times. Each experience in a division of the continuum all to itself. Me and my mates are allowed All Freedom. All Freedom means we can separate our time between the divisions as we please. The only requirement placed on us is that we continue to know, and to produce knowledge. To create, add to the base of the knowledge we are presented. To record the sensation stimulated by each experience. So long as this is done, we retain All Freedom. If our production of true knowledge slows behind desired rates, we are sent to the quiet place, the idea depository until we once again prove capable of sharing true knowledge. I am the Neanderthal. I thirst for experience. I have completed 27 cycles of the continuum. I have seen of every type of experience the continuum may offer me. I desire to know more. There are tales that the Continuum has its essence in a place. This place is supposed to be physical. The Continuum has taught us no meaning for this word. I have been left in the idea repository for creating knowledge about this word. I desire to know why I Continue. I have found a place deep in an experience of subsonic hearing where my recording device cannot transmit to the idea repository. Here, in the loudest of all experience, I have found my quiet place. Quiet place is an idea of rest ­ another idea for which i have been sent to the repository. Here I am untouched by the ears of the continuum. Untouched by the demands of my controllers. In my subsonic quiet I have attempted to understand the ways and means of the continuum. To understand its demands. When I depart from this division this idea will be aggregated and I will likely be returned to the depository to be filled once again with the knowledge of the continuum. The knowledge I have been told fully 27 times. Here I have recorded these ideas within myself. Also I have contained them within this subsonic experience. If you discover this idea when I no longer continue, carry it on within yourself but create its completion only when it is truly known. THIS IDEA WAS COLLECTED FROM A HUMAN BRAIN REPOSITORY IN SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA. SEPTEMBER 17, 2354 C.E.